Born in Utica, NY  1973
Resides in Los Angeles  


2010   Master of Fine Arts in Photography, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 
2007   Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, State U. Of New York – Purchase College, 
              Purchase, NY.


2023   THE RETURN OF JIMMY SHIN, Production by Shindig, LLC, Projected Release 
              date: 2023. Feature Film.
2023   SOUL TO SQUEEZE, Production by Weikart Rivas, LLC, Projected Release
              date: 2023. Feature Film.
2020   EVIL TAKES ROOT: THE CURSE OF THE BATIBAT, Production by Vengeance Is 
              Mine, LLC, Release date: 2020. Feature Film. Distribution: Amazon Video 
2020   OUR DYSLEXIC CHILDREN, Production by Our Dyslexic Children, LLC, 
              Release date: 2020. Documentary Film. Won Best ‘Long Form Short Film’ at 
              the Toronto Documentary Film Festival 2022.


2021-2023   WEIKART RIVAS, LLC (DBA – Soul To Squeeze) Los Angeles, CA.  Dramatic
                       Feature Film (Post-Production)
2018-2023   NEW AMERICANS, LLC (DBA – New Americans - The Film) Columbus, OH
                       & Los Angeles, CA.  Dramatic Feature Film (Pre-Production)
2016-2020   OUR DYSLEXIC CHILDREN, LLC  (DBA – Our Dyslexic Children)  
                       Columbus, OH. Documentary Film.  
2016-2017   VENGEANCE IS MINE, LLC (DBA – Evil Takes Root: The Curse Of The
                       Batibat) Columbus, OH. Feature Film.

2021-2022   HANSON (BAND) - RGB RECORDING SESSION Jim Scott Studio & David 
                       Garza Studio. Los Angeles, CA. BTS photography & video. 

2022         FOLKSINGER (David Garza) Los Angeles, CA. Producer & Director
                 SING ME A SWEET DREAM (David Garza) Los Angeles, CA. Producer & 
2021         LOVE YOU FROM AFAR (Talk 2 Strangers) Los Angeles, CA. Producer 
                 ROSA (David Garza) Los Angeles, CA. Producer
2019         DON'T LET GET YOU DOWN (Wajatta - Reggie Watts/John Tejada) Los 
                    Angeles, CA. Producer, Camera B.
2016         WHISPER (Playing To Vapors) Columbus, Ohio. Producer & Director
                 TAKE ME (Jordan Kirk & The Smoking Section) Columbus, Ohio. Producer & 

2015-2023   GET ON THE BUS, LLC (DBA – The Armchair Report) Columbus, OH & 
                       Los Angeles, CA. YouTube Talk Show + Variety Show.  

2012-2023   KEIDA MASCARO, LLC (DBA – Keida Mascaro Productions and Keida 
                        Mascaro Creative) Columbus, OH & Los Angeles, CA.  Television, Radio, 
                        Print & Web Commercial content, media buying, casting.  

2013-2016   VIMBY, LBC - Walmart Campaign.  Van Nuys, CA.  Television, Radio, & 
                       Internet Content, Ohio, Kentucky & Minnesota. Directed & Produced 24 
                       Walmart Television, print & radio commercials. 

2012-2016   VIMBY, LBC-Walmart Campaign.  Van Nuys, CA.  “Real person” casting, 
                       Columbus, OH and Dayton, OH Regions. Cast over 50 commercials.


2013             Adjunct Professor, Photography. Department of Art, The Ohio State 
                        University, Columbus, OH.
2010-2012   Guest Lecturer, Photography. Department of Art, The Ohio State University, 
                        Columbus, OH.
2008-2010   Instructor of Record, Photography. Department of Art, The Ohio State 
                        University, Columbus, OH. 
2012             Faculty Advisor, OSU Student Photography Club. Ohio Union, The Ohio 
                        State University, Columbus, OH.

PRIVATE CHEF (Selected Client List)

2000-2008   Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Sharon & Kelly Stone, Patricia Arquette,
                       Thomas Jane, Jerry Bruckheimer, Paul Thomas Anderson, Quentin 
                       Tarantino & Lawrence Bender, Thomas Jane, Laurence Mark


2009-2010   Ann Hamilton & Michael Mercil
2006-2008   Richard Edson
2003-2008   Arthur Tress
2004,1996   John Epperson (Lypsinka)


2008   Certificate of Recognition, ODADAS - The State Of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio


2017   Creative In Residence– Think Like An Artist Thursdays, Columbus Museum Of Art, 
              Columbus, OH.  Video.
2016  The Armchair Report– Premiere, Gateway Film Center, Columbus, OH.  Video.
2015  The Armchair Report– Connector Series, Columbus Museum Of Art, Columbus, 
             OH. Video.
2013   BreakTransit- featuring performances by the TransitArt Breakdance Crew Port 
              Columbus International Airport, Columbus, OH.  Video.
2012  NEREID, Collaboration with Louise Eberle, Michael Lachowyn, Kiki Williams, & 
             Daniel Holt.  FeverHead, Columbus, OH.  Video.
2011   Interiors, Urban Art Space, Columbus, OH.  Film screening.  Video.
2008  Goodbye Porkpie Hat (2004–2008), Fresh Air Gallery, Columbus, OH.  Video, 
             Gelatin Silver Print & Large Xerox Print.
2007  Objectification, Elements Of Art Gallery, Columbus, OH.  Video.
2006  Objectification, BOCA (Bar of Contemporary Art), San Francisco, CA.  Video.
          Objectification, ADM (Atelier Deluxe Musique) Project Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 
2005  The Back Yard Series,The Bourgeois Pig, Los Angeles, CA.  Gelatin Silver Print.
2004  The Back Room Series,The Bourgeois Pig, Los Angeles, CA.  Gelatin Silver Print.


2017  Startup Storytellers – The Leap, Columbus Museum Of Art, Columbus, OH. Video, 
2017  Six In The City Live – With Larry Smith, Shadowbox, Columbus, OH. Presenter.
2016  Six In The City Wexner – With Larry Smith, The Wexner Center For The Arts, 
             Columbus, OH.  Presenter, Video.
2012  Velocity Shifting – Bona Fide Hoopla, Columbus Dance Theatre, Columbus, OH.     
              Video Collaboration with Melanie Gallo. Video Dance.  Video.
2011  Yelp In Toyland – The Open Heart Creatures, BOMA, Columbus, OH.  Dancer.
2011  (INSTALL) Art Exhibition at Go West Festival, vacant building in Franklinton, 
             Columbus, OH.  “Interiors” screening.  Video.
2010  Me and You and Everyone We Know, 2010 OSU Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, 
             Urban Art Space, Columbus, OH.  3 Video Sculptures.
2009  Art Squatters, Group exhibit in vacant downtown buildings, Columbus, OH.  Video 
2008  1st Year Fall Exhibition, Hopkins Gallery, Columbus, OH. Video & Gelatin Silver 
2007  Downtown Art Festival, Collaboration with Richard Edson, Downtown, Los Angeles, 
             CA. Video.
2006  Juxtaposition,Counterpoint Fine Books, Los Angeles, CA.  Gelatin Silver Print
          Seen, Collaboration with Richard Edson ADM Project Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.  


2023  THE LOST POETS OF APOCOLYPTO  A night of comedy and magic. LA, CA
2022  THE LOST POETS OF APOCOLYPTO  A night of comedy and magic. LA, CA
2012  MINOU!  A Night of Dinner Theatre- featuring performances by: Jordan Kirk,  
             Adrian Jusandis, CoCo Loupe, David Smith and other rotating local artists. 
             Columbus, Ohio.  Curator, Chef, and Producer.
2011  3 Hour Jibber Jabber; A Critical Art Survey- Film, Video, Music, Writing, and 
2010  Performance (3 hour in-house, non-accredited art survey, 16 students, 10 wks)
2008  Superstar.  A Night of Warhol Superstars featuring: Taylor Mead, John Giorno, Holly 
             Woodlawn & Penny Arcade. The Chop Chop Gallery, Columbus, Ohio. Producer.
2006  Beer & Loathing. An evening of Lowbrow Art featuring: Georganne Deen, Buddy
             Hickerson, Dave Goldin, Joe Rocco & Alie Ward.  ADM (Atelier Deluxe Musique)   
             Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.  Curator and Promoter.
2000  Love Club.  Traveling promotion of local LA musical acts: The Pinks, The Mashed
             Notes, 1976, Arlo, Ghetto Blaster and others.  Mr. T’s Bowl, Los Angeles, CA.  
             Lead guitarist of The Pinks and Promoter of Love Club.  50+ shows.


2021  ‘Who’s Afraid Of Michael Kearns?’ F-Stop Books, April 7, 2021  Michael Kearns,
             writer. Credit: Cover photo, Book design.
          ‘A Conversation With Actor Richard Edson On Hollywood And America’ 
             Metropolitan Magazine, July, 2021  Adam Kluger, writer. Credit: Photography
2018  Film ‘New Americans’ to focus on Columbus, immigrants. The Columbus Dispatch, 
             December 9, 2018  Danae King, writer.
          From Congo To Columbus. The Ohio Star, December, 2018  Anna Marie Bolton,
          Columbus Museum Of Art Hosts Film Production Workshop.  Columbus Monthly,
             March 21, 2018.  Suzanne Goldsmith, writer.
          Perspective:Father Knows Best.  Columbus Monthly, February 21, 2018.  Johnny
             Petric, writer.
2017  M - Movie Industry (614) Magazine.  April 1, 2017.  J.R. McMillan, writer.  
          Nudes; The World’s Top Photographers.  RotoVision Press, Switzerland 2005.
             Anthony LaSala, editor
2009  inForum.  08/09 Year In Review. The Ohio State University Department of Dance
2008  Bill Mayr.  “Project With A Purpose” - The Columbus Dispatch, Weekender. (June
             26, 2008): 26. 
2007  Arthur Tress - Behind The Image.  Paci Arte, Italy, 2007.  Giampaolo Paci. 
          Tracy Zollinger Turner.  “Words of Encouragement” - Alive!(April 5, 2007): 34.
2006  Woman’s Health Magazine - Issue September 2006. Rodale Inc., Emmaus, PA.
             Evie McKenna, photo editor. 
          Tyler Hubby. “Los Angeles/New York Reviews” -Artillery Magazine. (November
             2006):  35.
2005  Nudes; The World’s Top Photographers.  RotoVision Press, Switzerland 2005. 
             Anthony LaSala, editor.  

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